Use Cases

The Fastest Way to Safely Deploy Software Features


Accelerate development and minimize the risk of deploying new code with simple to create feature flags, controlled gradual rollouts, and contextual analytics & integrations.

ROX lets your development team build and deploy apps at the speed your business needs, without compromising on safety. By decoupling feature deployment from version releases, you can gradually release new features to selected users or groups of users. ROX further allows you to measure the health of new features with both built-in KPIs and integrations with in-house or third party analytics. ROX gives you the data you need to know if features are ready to be deployed to everyone, or if they should be rolled back. All without waiting for your next release.

With ROX’s feature flagging solution the entire development can team move faster. Avoid merge conflicts due to long-lived feature branches by putting unfinished code behind a feature flag and merging it into the main branch. This also avoids release delays caused by unfinished features. Test and QA your app at any time, even in production!


The simplest way to customize your app for different target groups

For:Developers and Product Managers

ROX’s remote configuration, together with feature flags lets you provide different versions of your app based on customized target groups. Enable or disable features, or provide content to specific users based on device, geo-targeting, or any custom data that lives in your app.

With Rollout, you can deliver customized features to different groups such as:

  • Basic Vs Premium users.
  • Beta Customers
  • Opt-in Programs
  • Admin Users
  • Specific Countries

Test and optimize the business impact of changes in your app

For: Product Managers & Growth Teams

By testing new features with just some of your users, and integrating with in-house or 3rd party analytics solutions, product managers and growth teams gain important insights into the impact of new or modified features on business KPI’s such as conversion rates, time spent on app, etc.

A simple to use UI allows product managers to easily perform feature rollouts based to just a percentage of users, or customized target group. By pushing experiment data and user information into your analytics tool of choice, your PM’s or data scientists can further analyze the feature impact on business KPIs and decide whether the feature should be deployed to more users, or rolled back.