OTT / TV Applications

Gain control over your TV Applications, gradually deploy features across all streaming services

Insights to engage your customers

Customer actions are louder than words. Are you listening? Experiment with subscription flows, content discovery, ad placement and layouts to find out what they crave.

Optimize every channel

Every viewing medium is different. What works for mobile viewing won’t cut it for a home theater. That’s why Rollout’s SDKs all work together so you can discover the best experience for each step of the customer journey.

Faster iteration. Less risk. Phased rollouts and instant updates

Phased rollouts and instant updates let you iterate quickly and launch fearlessly. Test new ideas and adjust on the fly with live variables and simple traffic allocation.

Target each experience

Deliver the right experience to the right audience with advanced targeting. And since Optimizely’s SDKs all work together, you can easily experiment and personalize across channels and devices with server-side experiments—and across your full tech stack.

Supported Platforms