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The Ultimate Guide To Feature Flags

A catch-all guide on the hottest strategy in DevOps: delivering progressively by deploying and releasing features behind feature flags.

Feature Flag Maturity Assesment

This 5 minute assessment will evaluate your feature flag maturity level along factors such as visibility, infrastructure, security, processes, and culture.

How CloudBees Uses Feature Flags

Ok, are you ready to hear all of the secrets of how CloudBees uses Feature Flags ourselves to develop leading DevOps software for more than a decade?

Feature Flag Management: Build or Buy?

Read the CloudBees Rollout Guide on Building or Buying your own Feature Flag Management platform.


Growing DevOps Maturity Using Feature Flags

June 25th, 11AM - 12PM ET

Use of feature flags and in turn driving a culture of feature flag-driven development within organizations should be considered the next stage in CI/CD maturity, but not all organizations have been able to embrace the technological and cultural shifts required to fully realize the benefits of feature flags within CI/CD.

Customer Success Stories

See Why Doist Chose CloudBees Feature Flags

Instead of building their own homegrown feature flag solution, see why Doist chose CloudBees Feature Flags over other platforms.

How PetDesk De-Risks Their Releases

Read how PetDesk gets better sleep at night knowing they run less risk with their releases using feature flags. Success Story

Learn how, a popular testing startup, is deploying new features to their web application with CloudBees Rollout at lightning speed.

JET Success Story

Learn how JET, a large subsidiary of WalMart, uses CloudBees Rollout feature management solution to deploy mobile apps faster to their customers