ROX Introducing ROX by Rollout

An Advanced Feature Flags Solution for Mobile

Fast and safe mobile feature deployment with advanced targeting, integrations, and controlled rollouts.

Feature Flag Illustration
Feature Flag Icon

Feature Flag Control Center

Manage, control and measure all your features deployments across all app versions from a centralized dashboard.

Risk-free Deployment Illustration
Risk-free Deployment Icon

Gradual Rollouts

Gradually rollout new features with contextual analytics that helps identify when it’s safe to push new features to everyone, or when to roll it back. Customizable target groups lets you gradually rollout features and target specific users or groups.

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Measurement & Testing Icon


Integrate with your existing development tools and workflows for better coordination and faster adoption.

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Made for Mobile

Mobile only features like in-app feature control for test devices, built in metrics for crashes and more…

User & Group Targeting Illustration
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User & Group Targeting

Highly customizable targeting for specific users or segments based on user attributes, app data or device properties.