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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the LITE plan work?
The LITE plan is free for everyone and supports unlimited monthly active users. The LITE plan only includes Template based patches and does not include JavaScript based patches. For JavaScript based patches you need to be on a paid plan.
What happens if I exceed the limits of my paid plan?
We’ll contact you if you go over the limits of your paid plan to discuss your options.
What if I don’t know my typical monthly usage?
No problem. After your first month of using Rollout in production we’ll analyze your usage and contact you to discuss your options.
Can I upgrade, downgrade, and cancel any time?
Month to month plans can be changed at any time.
For annual contracts, please contact
What payment options do you offer?
You can pay with a credit card or wire transfers for annual plans.
For month-to-month plans credit cards are required.
Contact us at if you have any questions.
Do you offer a trial for paid plans?
Yes. Rollout offers a fully featured 30-day trial of our solution. At the end of the trial period you will need to decide which plan is right for you and your organization. If you don’t select a paid plan you will automatically be enrolled in our free LITE plan.
What does premium support include?
Premium support includes guaranteed response response times, depending on the issue:

  • Six hour response time (24/7) for standard issues.
  • One hour response time (24/7) for critical issues.

Critical support issues are either when you believe the Rollout SDK is significantly impacting the performance of your application OR when the Rollout site ( is unreachable.

Standard support issues is everything else.

What are template based patches?
Rollout supports two types of method patching.

Template based patches have fixed options as to what you can modify in a method such as replacing input arguments or return values (more info).

JavaScript patches which do not have any limits on what the patch can do. You can write your own JavaScript code that fully interacts with any existing code in your app.

I have some other question. How can I contact Rollout?
Just email us at with your questions.