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Javascript Feature Flags

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Javascript Feature Management

Rollout Feature Management solution allows frontend teams to deploy features faster and safer.  With Rollout JavaScript SDK teams can deploy features gradually, experiment and customize feature deployment.

Step 1 – Installing the Javascript SDK

# Add Rollout JavaScript SDK package as your application dependency
$ npm i rox-browser --save

Step 2 – Add The Following Code

import Rox from 'rox-browser';

const flags = {
  enableTutorial: new Rox.Flag(),
  titleColors: new Rox.Variant('White', ['White', 'Blue', 'Green', 'Yellow']),

async function initRollout() {
  const options = { };

  // Register the flags with Rollout
  Rox.register('', flags);

  // Setup the Rollout key
  await Rox.setup('', options);

  // Boolean flag example
  if (flags.enableTutorial.isEnabled()) {
    console.log('enableTutorial flag is true');
    // TODO:  Put your code here that needs to be gated

  // Multivariate flag example
  console.log('Title color is ' + flags.titleColors.getValue());

initRollout().then(function() {
  console.log('Done loading Rollout');

Continuously Release Features with Less Risk to Users

Release features to the right customers at the right time - ensuring that your continuous delivery strategy isn't breaking production.

Feature Flag Management

Manage, control and measure all your features deployments across all applications from a centralized dashboard. All by using a simple but powerful Feature Flag management platform

Gradual Rollout & Rollback

Gradually rollout new features to a subset of your users, measure results and decide to continue or rollback feature deployment.

Custom Targeting Rules

Segment your customers and directly target these segments in your deployment process

Multivariate Flag

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate flags are used to experiment with multiple states of a new feature

Multiple environments

Multiple Environment

CloudBees Feature Flags supports multiple environments, rollout new features to different environments & migrate feature deployments from one environment to the other