We’re hiring!

Redefine Tomorrow's Production Environment
Fixing bugs and mobile is just the start. Be part of a team that aims to reshape production code control.
For Developers, By Developers
You will be a part of the product roadmap, customer discovery and decisions.
You need more than a hammer in your toolbox. Our stack includes SASS, CoffeeScript, Node.js, Objective-C, C, Bash, Ruby, and more. We are also looking into Java (Android), SWIFT and Go.
We Love Refactoring and So Should You
The existence of automated testing allows us to fearlessly change our code design. Our "design for today code for tomorrow” approach allows us to execute quickly and maintain an updated design of the system.
Do you believe in automated testing? We build our platform with tests in place from day one. Working hard to achieve a one-click test & deploy solution.
A Fun Place To Work
We come to work every day, so we might as well enjoy it. Awesome office, amazing people, delicious food.

Available Jobs

Full Stack Developer

Location: Israel

As a developer at Rollout you will be part of a multidisciplinary, adaptive, and creative team. Our developers use the latest technology stack to build a system that lets developers control and monitor their software feature release and performance.

This position is for multidisciplinary developers who like to challenge themselves with new technologies, system architecture, and design, programing language on multiple platforms. You will be responsible for end to end features, from smart SDKs for different platforms to servers and web applications.


  • strong Computer Science fundamentals: object-oriented design, functional programming, data structures and multithreading programming

  • 5+ years of experience and excellent knowledge of JavaScript or Java

  • server-side development Node.js/Java/Rails

  • experience with client-side HTML/CSS/Javascript/React

  • experience with NoSQL databases

  • experience with writing unit tests in a CI/CD environment

  • experience with Amazon cloud (AWS) – Advantage

  • iOS/Android development – Advantage

  • last but not least, a Team Player

Our stack:

  • React, Node.js

  • Kafka, Kafka-streams, MongoDB, MySQL, RocksDB

  • JavaScript, Java, Swift, Objective-c, and bash

  • Linux, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes

When applying, please include:

  • Updated CV

  • A description of your skills and passions

  • Link to your GitHub / Stackoverflow account / personal blog, website or projects

  • Favorite tech blog/podcast

Send applications to jobs@rollout.io

Senior Backend Developer


  • Work with the rest of the team and REST api.
  • Passionate about product and software craftsmanship
  • Be opinionated
  • Ability to lead projects end-to-end
  • Ability to execute a work plan and lead other team members.
  • BI / Analytics capabilities.
  • Node.js (or other backend services) – we are starting to like golang
  • Test Driven Development – Advantage.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS e.g. EC2, S3, CloudFront)
  • SQL and NoSQL databases
  • IOS/Android development – Advantage
  • Scripting capabilities – Advantage
  • Experience working in Scrum (or other XP) – Advantage
  • A geek (linux from scratch kind of guy)

When applying, please include:

  • A description of your skills, passions and work style
  • Link to your Github account / stackoverflow.
  • Favorite tech blog / podcast