Today, Feature Flags are changing your production environment, they are in the critical path of your software, but they are not treated as such, they are circumventing existing production change management. Rollout is changing that.

Feature Flags & Configuration As Code

Rollout CaC solution saves all feature flag and targeting data as local YAML files.  The YAML files are saved in a Git repository.

Making changes to the local YAML files updates live Rollout feature flagging data.

Gain back control over your feature flags with the same tools you are using today, get the same accountability, governance and traceability you have with code for all your feature flags changes.

GitOps to Manage Feature Flags

Rollout integrates with source code management. Once changes are made on the dashboard, Rollout would automatically update the Github repo.

Branches represent environment, use git to migrate deployments between environment, use PR’s when feature flags changes require review. Rollback changes easily and easily compare flags configuration changes

All feature flag and targeting data is represented as local YAML files in a Git repository.

All feature flagging changes can be traced via Git. use “GitOps” to make feature flags changes – Rollback feature flag changes with a git command, clone feature deployment configuration between environments, use PR to have changes be approved by a team member.

Connect Rollout’s YAML command line tool to your CI/CD pipeline and add automation to your feature testing and deployments.