Rollout’s Statement on Apple Guidelines

Erez Rusovsky | March 8, 2017

I’m Erez Rusovsky, the CEO and co-founder of

I want to take this opportunity to address recent developments with Apple and offer a preview of’s roadmap.

Rollout’s mission since we launched in 2014 has been, and will remain: to help developers create and deploy mobile apps quickly and safely. Our platform has been used by hundreds of developers to improve the quality of their apps by fixing thousands of bugs after release. This benefits developers and end-users alike and has prevented – by a conservative estimate – millions of crashes.

Also, Rollout is safe, secured from any MiTM attacks, and allows developers to immediately patch vulnerabilities as they are discovered, without requiring users to download a new version. Learn more about our commitment to security here.  

Late yesterday (March 7) we learned that Apple has been contacting developers with a warning that any framework or “code designed explicitly with the capability to change your app’s behavior or functionality after App Review approval” is no longer in compliance with guidelines.

While Apple has not modified its guidelines , it appears that these guidelines are now being interpreted in a more narrow way.  We are disappointed that Apple has made this change before we have had an opportunity to address any concerns. We have already reached out to Apple to discuss and are committed to adjusting our offering as needed to remain in compliance under the more narrow interpretation of the guidelines.

We want to reiterate that we have always been careful to remain within Apple’s guidelines (as detailed here); specifically the clause in its guidelines that allows developers to push Javascript to live apps as long as features and functionality are not changed.

We understand and respect the fact that Apple must have the ability to control its ecosystem, and we recognize that our appeal may not succeed.

However, will move forward regardless!

First, for the last year we have been readying an entirely NEW product offering which addresses the entire app development process, not only post-production. This new product, which we will be announcing and launching for developer preview in April, will be in full compliance with Apple’s more narrow interpretation of its guidelines.
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Second, by popular demand we also are working on Android support for our new product, so look for news from us there as well.

Thank you for your continuing support of!  

Erez Rusovsky

UPDATE [March 13, 2017]
We’ve released an Open Letter to Apple proposing a secure solution to JavaScript injection.





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