Rollout Now Supports Swift!

Great news!

After months of development, testing, tweaking, and users constantly asking us when it will be ready, I’m delighted to announce we’ve just released Swift support!

If you’ve been waiting for Swift support in order to try out Rollout, just download the latest version of the SDK and start patching your live Swift apps.

We’ve developed some really cool new technology in order to support Swift. Basically we’ve created pseudo method swizzling in Swift.  All of the magic still happens without the need for developers to make any code changes or decide in advance what methods they want to patch. After all, you never know what you’ll want to fix.

As part of our celebration we’re sponsoring SwiftSummit. If you happen to be in the San Francisco Nov 7-8 come say hi!

For more details on the technical stuff of how we did it, check out the Swift Under the Hood article by our CTO.

Please note:
1 – Swift method patching is only supported using JavaScript patches, not Template patches.
2 – We’re still adding Swift support features. Check out our Swift Support page for more details.

Erez Rusovsky

Erez is CEO and co-founder of Rollout. Erez started his career as a software engineer at Intel and then got bitten the entrepreneurship bug.

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  • Максим Буньков

    Ist so Cool! But how disable swift support? 😀 ^_^
    Solved found -o key in generator