Rollout Important Product Update

blog_graphics_7-19After months of development, testing and tweaking, we’ve just released the latest version of Rollout that includes two major milestones:

  • JavaScript based patches graduated from beta to release status.
  • Rollout no longer adds files to your project.

Javascript Based Patches

We introduced JavaScript based patches a few months ago as a beta feature. Since then we’ve ironed out the remaining kinks and it’s no longer in beta.

I cannot emphasize enough the power and awesomeness that comes with being able to deploy real time app patches in JavaScript. Just to be clear, even though the patch is written in JavaScript, it can override any Objective-c code method and fully interact with your existing app code and data, utilizing iOS’s built in Objective-C <-> JavaScript bridge magic. You now can update just about anything in your app in real-time. Fix a bug, add logging or analytics tracking, anything!

During the beta period, Rollout was used to squash over 700 production bugs – instantly.

If you haven’t see JS patching in action, this short video shows just how powerful it is

Even though many people think you’re not allowed to update a live app, it’s 100% legit (Apple’s guidelines allows you to load and execute JavaScript in your native app).

Build Process

Another new feature is that Rollout no longer modifies your project files.

When we first created Rollout, we added some helper code to your app in the build process. Unfortunately, this sometimes caused issues with version control systems or large complex build processes.

Now, with the latest version of our SDK, Rollout no longer creates any helper code in your app. As a result, integrating Rollout into your project is smoother than ever virtually no issues. If you tried Rollout in the past and you had compilation issues, you should try it now!


In order to support Rollout (we can’t be free forever) we are going forward with our paid plans – our new pricing plans are here.


Many of you have been waiting patiently for Swift support. We’re cooking up some secret Swift sauce that’s never been done before, and it’s taking a bit longer than expected, though I promise it will be worth the wait. We’re almost ready to accept beta users so if you want to get on the list, please fill out this form:
Swift Early Access Request Form

I want to personally thank all of our users who have been using Rollout since day one, and to welcome any new users who give us a try.

CEO and co-founder of Rollout



Erez Rusovsky

Erez is CEO and co-founder of Rollout. Erez started his career as a software engineer at Intel and then got bitten the entrepreneurship bug.

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