How to skip the app review process and update your app instantly

update apps instantly

Updating live mobile apps is impossible a pain.

Software development has really advanced in the past couple of decades. We’ve gone from shipping software on CDs to Software-as-a-Service and from release cycles of months or even years to weeks or days (or even hours).

With the rise of mobile apps, the release process has unfortunately taken a step backward in some aspects. We’re back to “shipping” software to users, though at least now you just need to download it from the App Store or Google Play instead of opening a box with a CD in it. (more…)

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Using HockeyApp & Rollout to Find and Fix Live iOS App Bugs


Maintaining mobile apps is hard.

In the world of software-as-a-service, you, the developer, always have access to your production code. Need to push a bug-fix into production? No problem. Need to update a variable? No problem. Just change the code, commit, press a few buttons and you’re done. I’m assuming of course you’ve adopted processes for continuous integration and continuous delivery and deployment.

Oh, you need to update a mobile app? Not so fast … (more…)

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Rollout to Prevent Private API Usage, Enforcing App Store Guidelines.

Rollout’s mission is to bridge the disconnect between developers and their live apps. With Rollout, developers can instantly deploy code-level changes to native iOS apps in production, allowing mobile companies to mitigate production quality and performance issues.

Rollout’s solution was created to shorten the update cycle in cases where time is of the essence, such as diagnosing and fixing bugs or pushing dynamic configuration data.

Rollout is fully committed to being compliant with App store guidelines, and preventing abuse of our technology in order to hide non-compliant code from the App review process. (more…)

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iOS App Development: From Noob to Ninja

iOS App Developer Guide

This article describes the path to iOS development enlightenment, or at least becoming a developer who’s in demand 🙂 . It starts with where to learn the basics and goes into some ninja level topics you’ll need to master.

Getting Started with Coding

In order to start developing iOS apps, you’ll need to have at least some coding knowledge. If you don’t have any, well, you need to start learning. You can start by looking at the courses offered at following online educational platforms: (more…)

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iOS Databases: SQLLite vs. Core Data vs. Realm

If you want to make a great app that runs fast and just works (no bugs allowed) you’ll have to think about all development aspects of your app carefully. One of the aspects you must figure out is how to store and search for large amounts of data, so you’ll probably use a database. The most common options for iOS databases are SQLite and Core Data and a relatively newer player called Realm.

This article covers the pros and cons of each option and discusses the process of switching to Realm if you are already using SQLite or Core Data.


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Update Native iOS Apps without the App Store. How is this Legit?

How can Rollout allow you to push code-level updates to live iOS apps and be fully compliant with Apple’s guidelines? Glad you asked.

Our lawyers asked me to let you know that this isn’t legal advice, but you don’t need a law degree to understand the wording in Apple’s official guidelines.

Apple’s guidelines explicitly permit you to push executable code directly to your app, bypassing the App Store, under these two conditions: (more…)

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Try Rollout – Get a Free Tshirt

rollout2colorRollout is giving away free T-shirts. Nothing to buy, no strings attached.

Rollout loves mobile developers so much that we want you to have one of our shirts when you try us out. So signup now, create a patch and and get your free shirt here.

Rollout is on a mission. We think patching and updating live mobile apps at the code level is a game changer and we’re really excited about it. We think every app can benefit from Rollout whether you have 200 users or 200 millions users.

We want to make releasing new versions of your mobile app just for minor changes a thing of the past.  

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