An Open Letter to Apple from – Proposing a SECURE JavaScript Injection Approval Process

Dear Apple,

Call it what you want – code pushing, hot patching – but the concept is the same: a framework that allows apps to be updated by developers AFTER download.

I think we can agree the goal is sound – reduce bugs and crashes. But is this concept – let’s call it a “Live Update Service” safe? If not, can it be made safe? We have a proposal for you.

Please hear us out!


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Rollout to Prevent Private API Usage, Enforcing App Store Guidelines.

Rollout’s mission is to bridge the disconnect between developers and their live apps. With Rollout, developers can instantly deploy code-level changes to native iOS apps in production, allowing mobile companies to mitigate production quality and performance issues.

Rollout’s solution was created to shorten the update cycle in cases where time is of the essence, such as diagnosing and fixing bugs or pushing dynamic configuration data.

Rollout is fully committed to being compliant with App store guidelines, and preventing abuse of our technology in order to hide non-compliant code from the App review process. (more…)

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