iOS Crash Reporting Tools – 2017 Update

More than one year has passed since our last iOS Crash Reporting Tools analysis article, so I’m here to introduce you to the newest and biggest players, what’s changed and who’s not among us anymore.

For each platform analyzed, I evaluated their key features, pricing, and who it’s best suited for, after all, each tool usually fits best a particular type of business, industry or user.

I explored the market top 11 options, as listed below (in alphabetical order): (more…)

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An Open Letter to Apple from – Proposing a SECURE JavaScript Injection Approval Process

Dear Apple,

Call it what you want – code pushing, hot patching – but the concept is the same: a framework that allows apps to be updated by developers AFTER download.

I think we can agree the goal is sound – reduce bugs and crashes. But is this concept – let’s call it a “Live Update Service” safe? If not, can it be made safe? We have a proposal for you.

Please hear us out!


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Top 8 iOS Development Bugs and How to Avoid Them

So, you just landed in iOS Development Town, and you want to make sure that everything goes as smooth as possible. No bugs, glitches, crashes, lags or other issues, right? I thought so 👍.

In this article, I bring you the eight most common iOS development bugs and crashes that you’ll probably face while being a junior developer, and also mid level or senior developer. After all, let’s be realistic, we can’t write perfect, flawless code all the time! (more…)

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TestFlight Alternatives: Top 11 Mobile Beta Testing Tools for 2017


As a new year begins, we hope more mobile dev teams will distribute beta builds before releasing to the public. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re looking for the best beta distribution tools and services. This article covers tools for both iOS and Android, but focuses on iOS (and TestFlight alternatives) as it’s a pickier platform for beta testing with more complexity. (more…)

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An Interview with Gabriel Theodoropoulos: The Past, Present, and Future of iOS Development

Meet Gabriel Theodoropoulos, an iOS developer who started developing software programs as a hobby while still a teen. Fluent in 11 programming languages, Gabriel attended the Technological Institute of Kavala, Greece to study programming, industrial informatics, robotics, and artificial intelligence. He’s created programs and applications on a variety of platforms. Since 2010, his focus has primarily been on iOS. His impressive library of apps and tutorials on GitHub inspired us to learn more about the path Gabriel followed to the world of mobile development.

The Path to iOS Developer

There seem to be infinite paths leading people to the world of app development. We asked Gabriel to describe his journey. (more…)

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Mobile App Marketing and a Boss-Less Future: An Interview with Paul Kemp

Paul Kemp is one of the best-known names in the mobile software and marketing world. He’s the founder of, which has featured more than 400 podcasts, including interviews with some of the top innovators, influencers, and entrepreneurs in the mobile app development community.

He’s #5 on the respected Product Hunt Top 500 Makers list, thanks to his unique talent for successful mobile app launches. Two of those launches include a #1 music app and a number #2 recipe app, faced stiff competition in the iTunes App Store. He’s also a co-founder of iOSStack, a curated collection of iOS resources that gives back to the community by helping devs bring forth better and better iOS apps. (more…)

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