Feature Rollouts and Control

Gain complete control over feature deployment using feature flags and targeted rollouts. Measure impact and react in real-time. Accelerate your entire development lifecycle, optimize feature impact, and sleep better at night.

Decouple Feature Deployment from Code Releases

Break free from your current application release cycle. Gradually rollout new features on your own schedule and instantly rollback if needed.

Optimize feature release and impact


  • Control the feature release process Measure and understand the business and technical impact of every change in your application. React in a timely manner to optimize results.
  • Built for developers & PM’s

Integrate with Your Existing Tools

Work with your existing development and measurement tools for bug tracking, logging, internal communication, and analytics. Easily integrate with 3rd party SDKs and tools.

Accelerate & Simplify Your Development Process

By exposing new features only to internal teams you get a single code base for QA and production. Intelligent source code analysis that identifies feature flag code that is no longer needed.