There's a better way to
release software to your users.

Progressively deliver features to your users with confidence, in real-time. CloudBees Feature Flags gives software teams precise control over every software release.

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Decrease Risk During Releases

Increase your confidence during releases with the simple feature flag implementation and management.

Improve Software Development Productivity

Remove development bottlenecks, long-winded feature branches, and speed development.

Reduce Product Feedback Loops

Improve and control product experiences through progressive delivery.

Continuously Release Features with Less Risk to Users

CloudBees Feature Flags is a secure, scalable feature management platform that allows developers and software teams to accelerate mobile, web, and back-end development by giving them maximum control over their features in production.

Easy Targeting

CloudBees Feature Flags allows engineers to quickly get started targeting specific segments of users (like IP, Subscription Tier, etc.) with our easy to use SDKs or API. Create rich rules based on any property or attribute to create static and dynamic segments.

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Controlled Releases

Control how new versions are released into users hands. Maybe you want to do a timed approach, slowly releasing your application to a broader base every 5 minutes. Or maybe you want to give 25% of your users the newest version to see how it behaves in production. CloudBees Feature Flags gives you a simple, yet powerful UI to completely control your releases.

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Powerful Measurement

See how your different releases and features are doing with our intuitive dashboard or integrations to your favorite analytics or APM tools like Google Analytics or Prometheus. If any feature or new release negatively affects users or fails SLAs in place - kill the functionality in production without rolling a build back, saving you precious hours.

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CloudBees Feature Flags Supports Multiple Clients and Backend Platforms

Add feature level control across your entire stack.

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CloudBees Feature Flags is the Safest Way to Deliver New Features
to Any Customer, at Any Time.

Release Management

Control which user segments gain access to new builds and features, easily enabling your team to perform Canary or Blue/Green deployments, and beta releases.

Kill Switches

Immediately kill, or turn off, features running in production without having to roll back versions or make a change to code. Stop dealing with reverted builds on the weekends.

Testing In Production

Get the most accurate testing feedback by giving production access to your QA or Testing teams – Never miss a bug again from a poorly replicated testing environment.

Decoupled Deployments

Rethink your software delivery strategy by decoupling code releases and feature releases – allowing teams to work on their own schedules without interrupting users.

License Management

Grant access to certain types of users and customers (like trialers, subscribers, premium members, etc) to different features or sections of your product.

Product Experimentation

Gain valuable feedback about how actual users are using features. Have something baked out just enough for beta testing? Roll it out to a small select user base instantly.

"CloudBees Feature Flags provides the ability to easily control our features exposure when going to production. The system is easy to use, and offers great flexibility with different parameters. We have used it to control exposer by device, platform, version and more. The CloudBees Feature Flags team also provides great support for questions or issues."

Peleg B.
Engineering Manager

Built for Engineers & Modern Software Teams

  • Statically typed SDK (where applicable)
  • Control flags from within the development environment without going to an external dashboard
  • Code flags, see them automatically in the dashboard, no need to configure flags twice

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